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Flowers make everything better.

That's hard to refute – flowers are a sign of love. They symbolize happiness and can represent hope during hardships. But best of all, their beauty adds splendor to any occasion.

Hello and Welcome

My name is Camille Rudolf. I am the owner and floral designer at Pocket & Posey, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I opened Pocket & Posey in 2017 after it became apparent my floral design hobby is a passion. Now, I am in the business of sharing floral beauty and adding happiness to your occasion.

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Services include:

Floral Consultation:  Let's meet and talk about your occasion. We can dream up a vision together that fits your budget.

Floral Purchasing:  I'll handle the logistics with local vendors, wholesalers, and farm direct suppliers so you don't have to.

Floral Design:  I'll create beautiful, unique floral arrangements for your occasion..

Floral Installation: I'll deliver the floral designs for your occasion just as we planned.

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